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Yealink Auto Provisioning User Guide(SIP-T20 & T21)

Yealink Auto Provisioning with Calncall User guide

There is two ways to do Yealink (SIP-T20P & SIP-T21P) auto provisioning with Calncall.

1.Using Phone:

Step 1 : First you will need to factory reset the phone. Press & hold the “ok” button till the phone prompts the message “Reset to factory?” and press “ok” again to reboot.

Step 2 : Go to Advanced settings on the phone. Press ‘Menu’ button and then select settings --> Advanced settings

A1 --> A2

Step 3 : Enter the default password “admin” and press confirm


Step 4 : Select “Auto Provision” and Enter “” then save and reboot.

A4 --> A5

2. Using Web Interface:

Step 1 : Press “ok” button on the phone then you will see IP address Ex.

W1 --> W2

Step 2 : Enter the IP address on browser(Firefox or Chrome) .(Both IP phone & computer should be connected same LAN)


Step 3 : Enter the default Username & Password Username : admin Password : admin

Step 4 : Go to Settings --> Auto Provision --> Enter provision server URL : Then Click “Autoprovision Now”


Step 5 : Click ‘Ok’ then IP Phone will reboot and is now ready to use.


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