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Contact Manager

Contact Manager app is a scalable solution that works for all business sizes and includes reporting analytics. Since the contact manager works through cloud integration, so your software will be automatically updated to ensure you get real time data.

In that way, you can monitor your rep behaviour and implement improvement strategies with built-in analytics and reporting.The dialler brings together calling technology and sales enablement programs to help companies call as many leads as possible while ensuring its compliant and legal at all times.The dialler compares potential leads list against internal whitelist data and blacklist data category before commencing with the dialling.

This feature will significantly reduce downtime between calls and capture higher customer response rates.Due to its flexible features, the dialler is able to redirect calls to the most appropriate rep with the right skillset and availability can be accomplished easily.

We promise 300% improvement in call time over manual dialling and it can even be accessible by your mobile workforce from anywhere. With a combined inbound/outbound system that keeps lines available for inbound calls while your reps call out, you will never miss a warm lead or follow up. Calls can also be recorded for compliance and training.

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