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Configure 3CXPhone for Windows Softphone with Calncall SIP

Below are the steps to configure a SIP account, You can buy from our website Follow these steps to set up your phone easily: 1. Download the 3CXPhone and install it.


2. Click on ""Create Profile" on the popup window.


* Or if you miss the popup window, Click on the menu button > "Account".


3. On the "Accounts" tab, click on "New" and open "Account Settings".


4. Enter the following information.


  • Account name: Calncall
  • Caller ID: your DID Number
  • Extension ID: Calncall SIP Username (e.g. XXXXXXXX)
  • Password: SIP Password
  • I am out of the office – external IP:
5. Then click Ok


6. Click OK until the end and you’re done. You should see the status of Calncall SIP in 3CX to be “On Hook”.


**To make outgoing calls, follow this standard: For Overseas: 00+ + area + . For example, if you are calling a China number XXXXXXXX, China code is 86 so key in: 0086XXXXXXXXX and call. For Singapore: + area + . For example, if you are calling a Singapore number XXXXXXXX, key in: 65XXXXXXXX

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